Hello, Welcome to the world of dr5. I am pleased to offer this service.

In early 1989, while working as a professional photographer, using color transparency film for most of my work, I grew tired of the poor quality B&W lab. I wanted to include “Black & White-chromes” to enhance my Black & White work. At the time, there was no quality way to accomplish this. I wanted the same controls I had with regular B&W. I wanted to deliver stunning archival B&W images without the cost and hassle of negs+contact+prints, to save my clients money and time. With the onset of digital post and not being wholly satisfied with the look of the digital image, especially for B&W, I also wanted something that was easy to scan.
Thus, the dr5 idea was born.

With a photochemical background and a two-year chemistry certificate completed in 1991, I experimented feverishly to achieve results. “dr5” is the fifth incarnation of the process. dr5 became my invention, totally different from any other published B&W reversal process, both chemically and procedurally. dr5 is a Trade-secret process and does not hold a patent - though we could have gone this route. In 1998, after keeping the method to myself for seven years, I decided to offer the dr5 process to other professional photographers. The result of which is now a client base of hundreds of astonished clients.

I’ve based our lab on a foundation of knowledge and experience from both sides of the coin. When you submit film for dr5 processing, you’re not just getting a lab to run your film. Unlike most ordinary photo labs, we fully understand all aspects of the photographic progression. This helps us explain exposure procedures to our customers, and benefits us in calculating exactly how to process your film.

Since the beginning we have strived to improve the already superior quality of the dr5 product. Our new custom designed processor, which was in the making for well over a year, has, to our surprise, greatly enhanced many of the 25+ films we process. Having designed the machine around our hand-process, we expected the same high quality that hand processing yields, we got something unexpectedly better!

How did we end up in Denver CO? After 911 and the real estate boom, we needed to relocate out of NYC, we had to stabilize our 'place' expenses. We looked at several cities. In Denver we found 'the building'. Along with Denver's affordable real estate and no need for a walk-in client base, this is where we set up shop.

Just for the record, I did not create the dr5 process to get rich. (And believe me, that is certainly not the case!) My only goal was to give something valuable to the photo community, too photography. The root of what I’ve created is versatility, permanence and exceptional image-quality. Explore the process to its fullest. It’s all about the final image! If you love the dr5 process, let someone know! Industry support is very important for this unique photographic process.

I am personally available to assist you anytime. Please feel free to call or email me with your questions and comments. I’m happy to help. Enjoy amazing results with the dr5 process. I hope it benefits you greatly!

Regards, David Wood

“If a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it’s as though I’ve neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up"....


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