dr5 Film-Lab
Denver lab Location Closed 
Dear Friends of dr5 – Our building has been sold.
Service down for reloacation.

E6 processing - new location to be announced.
515 265 1375
  email - info [at] dr5.com

PREMIUM E6 - The most precise, super-clean line in the front-range, with almost 30years of film development experience! Mainly a shipping-lab, but we welcome walk-ins [call]. We have a world-wide client base.

As always, our Production schedule is geared for Quality control. [Call/email Us with your questions about this procedure]


35mm $11  
35mm - mounted & boxed add $3.25 - recent GEPE rate-hike Plastic - GEPE-MOUNTS
E6 PUSH / PULL $2.75  
120 $11  
CROSS PROCESS - C41 FILM $3.00 PER ROLL Exposure instruction

DISCOUNTED PROCESS & SCAN RATES [scan at time of processing]
PROCESS & SCAN - small scans [1750x1000 tiff] $16
PROCESS & SCAN - med scans [1500x2300 tiff] $19
PROCESS & SCAN - lrg scans [2000x3000 tiff] $24
PROCESS & SCAN - X-lrg scans [2400x3600 tiff] $27
PROCESS & SCAN - XX-lrg scans [3000x4200 tiff] (35mm only) $29
220 - PROCESS & SCAN add $6 to the above rates  

Our roll-scanning service is the best in the industry! Each frame is seen by Human Eyes and adjusted if necessary. We also only scan your film as "tiff" files, not the cheaper internet format jpeg. ALL clients receive an emailed digital contact of your rolls.

To ship your film to us - GO HERE FOR THE E6 WRITE-Up. We look forward to serving you.


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