5/1/15 - dr5 Film-Lab closing it's denver location: 5/21/15

11/1/13 -- An extensive TEST done on ILFORDS PUBLISHED REVERSAL-PROCESSING page. Our test of their published recipe compared to dr5 is here - TEST

7/1/13 - NOTICE - The last of this years rate-hike have been put into place.

4/19/13 - NOTICE - Our processor is going down for repair - This is a Major fix, so we expect to be down for at least a week. We hope to have the processor back up and running by the 27th. If the delay is longer we will post it here.

4/01/13 - NOTICE - Starting this month our B&W-neg service will downgrade as a 'limited' service. See the bwneg web page for further info.

3/15/13 - Rate hikes for ALL processing - This is the 2nd stage of our rate re-structure - that will be done in less shocking stages. These rate changes are unavoidable and are due to continued industry price-hikes of chemistry - some as high as 250%. It is also due to our much lower volumes. The less film we have to run, the more cost we have to produce the film that comes in.

2/1/13 - Rate changes by ALL shipping - USPS : Most International tracked-ship has been reduced by 45%. General rates increased, but packaging never offered w/tracking now has tracking making the rate much less. Post to CAN went up 15%. Now that we watch over NAFTA rules more carefully, UPS is best to CAN. FEDEX & UPS went up overall almost 20% for air, 15% for ground.

1/01/13 - NOTICE - Starting JAN 1, we will stop accepting cards from the atrocious company known as AMEX/AMERICAN-EXPRESS.   VISA, MC, DISC, PAYPAL & checks as payments are accepted.

11/15/12 -  officially launched

11/11/12 - FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS : NAFTA customs rules: Film processing and ALL photo-lab work from the US fall in as "EXEMPT" under several classifications. These rules apply to ALL countries that belong to NAFTA. If you are in a NAFTA country you should NEVER have to pay customs fees for using dr5!

10/31/12 - NOTICE: See for the recent changes to our production and pricing.

6/15/12 - NOTICE - Mount manufacture GEPE has increased the cost of 35mm mounts. Effective now, a rate increase on mounting for 35mm. See our price page.

5/17/12 - We will be closed the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th. Back on the 21st.

4/22/12 - dr5 line back up and running from a TOTAL over-haul.

4/11/12 - dr5 line down for a TOTAL over-haul.

2/11/12 - Our association with freestyle-photo has ended. No discounts associated with them will be honored. Please visit our new collaboration for your ROLLEI - EFKE - ADOX (or others) FILM needs - DIGITALTRUTH.COM  Discounts are provided for sales purchased.

1/11/12 - - Rate increase by ALL SHIPPERS. USPS-POST INTERNATIONAL has had the highest rate hikes.

- Our production will be on a "lite" schedule for the remaining of the year [rest of DEC]. This is due to the very slow intake of film in the past weeks. There will be no TIER-A service during this time. Normal service will resume JAN-2 '012.

12/01/11 - Our DEV-2 revamp TRIAL this year is now again making more changes. This will be our final revamp of the DEV-2 service - stay tuned.

11/01/11 - Expect delay's in service for our building repairs - this month.

10/01/11  -  NOTE: Because dr5 is a unique process -[like Kodachrome]- each film has been rigorously tested before we offer to process it as a chrome. As sad as it is to acknowledge, none of the film companies have endorsed dr5 even though it is time-tested for well over 15+years as a service, producing superior image quality over the negative counterpart. Because dr5 is so stable, we can now be certain, if there is a film related problem instead of a process related one - be it from damage, age, operator error, condition or manufacture defect. Part of what we do here in QUALITY-CONTROL, with no help from the film companies or suppliers, is acquire films to test on a continual basis. This is a costly proposition for us. To-date, we have burdened the effort to inform our clients when there is a film issue & notify the manufacture or supplier of a film problem. From this date forward: If there is a FILM issue - we will only notify our clients that there is a FILM problem and that it was not process related - if that was the case. Clients will have to contact the manufacture or supplier about sub-quality products.

7/19/11 - Substantial FEDEX rate hike across the board, take note.

4/15/11 - Note the USPS price hikes ONCE AGAIN - POST PRIORITY , EXPRESS

3/15/11 - Keeley - make's her lab assistant Début.

2/21/11 - UPS ground has been re-established. We highly recommend tracked shipping for ALL orders. USPS-priority IS NOT tracked shipping.

2/11/11 - Rate increase notice on B&W traditional contacts - to be determined [this is due to 35%+ cost increase on paper by ILFORD]

1/11/11 - Rate increase for all filmrecording. This is due to hefty price hikes to film in recent months.

11/30/10 - Our neg line upgrades and dr5 processor repair have completed. Sorry for the service delays during this time.


09/21/10 - NOTE ON THE COMPETITION: The last remaining AGFA-holdout, MAINPHOTO in California, has closed. They have chosen to tell past customers to throw their SCALA film away rather than give them dr5 as a resource or even give negative processing suggestions. We find this a despicable action and a travesty to today's photography. We will continue to process the SCALA film, as well as we have always done it. As well, continuing with dr5.

9/15/10 - We have been made aware from several that our site has issues with some MAC computers. We have completely checked our site with ALL browsers, including Safari, Google-CHROME and all MAC based browsers. We have yet to find any issue on our end or problems with our site. We can only determine something is corrupt on the end-user's MAC. Please make sure your MAC is updated and operating correctly.

5/21/10 - CALLER ID & SPAM CALLS: Due to the enormous amount of junk calls we have been getting, we were forced to enable a call blocking feature. If you have caller ID blocked on your phone, you must enable *82 to get through to us. Otherwise, you will have to use email.

5/1/10 - dr5 service trial redesign - to try to speed up turn times.   +  B&W neg - NEW equipment install.

4/7/10 - Buddy - our long time friend, passes away. "buddyboy" [link]

10/11/09 - If you have Verzion email it might be best you email us from another email. Verzion's email server is blocking many email address, not just ours. Please do not email us from a Verzion email and expect a reply.


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